More Details in Fatal Helicopter Crash

Authorities in Teton County have released more information about Wednesday's fatal helicopter crash.  
A rescue helicopter was responding to a snowmobile accident scene near Togwotee Pass, when it went down. 63 year-old rescue team member Ray Shriver was killed in the crash. Shriver was a 20-year veteran of the Teton County search and rescue team. 
The pilot and another crew member were injured, and taken to St. Johns Medical Center in Jackson. 
The helicopter had landed to meet up with a group of snowmobilers, that were directing the rescue team to the original accident scene. There was some kind of problem, shortly after it took off. The chopper pilot was searching for a place to make a second landing when it crashed.
One man did die in the snowmobile accident that the crew was responding to. He was 53-year old Steven Anderson of Morris, Minnesota. Authorities say Anderson was killed when his snowmobile hit a tree.