Jerry Belohlavy - Grant Elementary, Glenrock

by Taylor Viydo, 
Jerry Belohlavy of Glenrock's Grant Elementary loves music and teaching. Fortunately, she can combine both.
"They pay me to sing and dance," Belohlavy says. "How much better does it get?" 
In regards to music education, Belohlavy has done it all teaching vocal and instrumental music to kindergarteners through high school students. She is currently in her 28th year of teaching music and her 21st year in the Cowboy State.

When asked what makes teaching music so unique, Belohlavy says it is the fact that all of her students can participate. "Everybody may not be a star, everybody may not be the next famous artist," she says. "But more importantly, [teaching music] is what I love, and I love giving that to the kids."

Belohlavy adds that her students gain much more than just a knowledge of musical notes and keys. "Not only do they improve musically...they improve socially and they don't have inhibitions," she says. "And that's my goal: to even bring some of those shy kids out." At the same time, Belohlavy teaches a message of equality. "In music, everybody is the same; they all do a great job."

For her students, Belohlavy is all fun and games. "I like that she's really fun and funny, and she lets us do fun activities," said Grant fourth grader Emma Loya. Other students also commented about Belohlavy's sense of humor and fun approach to the classroom.

When asked about her students, Belohlavy said they mean just as much to her as she does to them. "Those kids love school, and that's what is neat about them. They make it worth coming [to school]."