"Setting the Record Straight" Part 3 of 3

 Victoria Fregoso reports, vfregoso@k2tv.com

 Pavillion residents with non-contaminated water wells are trying to clean up the image their town has gotten through national media coverage.
Over the past two days, K2's Victoria Fregoso introduced us to home owners and a restaurant owners that are losing property value and business because of this.
In part three of the series "Setting the Record Straight" Victoria tells us what solution the governor, as well as the citizens are coming up with.

 After struggling to sell their homes and land, because of the national attention Pavillion is getting over a small number of contaminated water wells, these residents are trying to clean up Pavillion's name.

"Eventually, hopefully, when all of this dies down, people will realize what the truth is, that most of the wells in this area are just fine. They pass all of the standards that are out there for DEQ and EPA," Jon Martin said, a Pavillion resident who had to take his house off the market because potential buyers feared his water well was contaminated.

They've even met with Governor Matt Mead, who is now supporting the idea of a $750,000 water cistern system for those residents with contaminated water wells.

"Now the cistern is the idea that's going forward right now but of course we want to meet with the people from Pavillion again, see what they think about it," said Governor Mead. "But I think it gives us a very good starting point in terms of some direction and some positive progress."

Pavillion resident Vince Dalbow sees this a way of not only providing residents with water, but also saving the town's reputation.

"That's the driving force I believe with Senator Bebout and Governor Mead, coming in and wanting to solve the water part of the situation for those hand full of people that feel their water has been affected," Dolbow said.

Ginny Warren, owner of Miss Ginny's Roost plans on doing her own campaign to let everyone know the water that she serves at her restaurant along with the rest of the town's water is good.

"We're going to get the word out there that we're fine and I'm going to run some ad's in the news paper and let the locals know that Pavillion town water is fine, Miss Ginny's Roost is fine and we're waiting to see them."

But they do know it can be a challenge to get the word out.

"The perception that the water is bad is far reaching and there is no way to undo that," said Steve Hugus, who had a buyer from as far away as Alaska, back out of purchasing his land because he heard about water contamination in Pavillion. "I say you can't un-ring a bell."

Governor Mead believes now is the right time to clear the air on the towns water situation and provide those with contaminated wells, an alternative water source. 

"The media issue in terms of the fracking, that's been all over the map. But in terms of this water issue, I don't think it's too late. I think, on the contrary, let's get started now so we don't wait and wait."

The Bill that would provide Pavillion with a water cistern system is currently waiting for the final senate vote before it goes to the House of Representatives for consideration.