The KC Apartments Demolished, Work Toward Future

Lindsay Joy reports, 

Its been more than a year since the city shut down the KC Apartments for code violations.

Thursday they were demolished.  Here's the plan for the complex's future.

The KC Apartments have been vacant since October 2009.

The demolition is expected to be be finished by the beginning of May and the developer behind the new apartments wants to start construction right away.  As of now, the plan is to have both Sunshine One and Sunshine Two, as the new units will be called, finished by the end of the year.

As far as the demolished building, all the materials that can be recycled, will be.
Steve Grimshaw is the developer behind the new projects and he said the new building will also be cleaner and greener.

The goal is to make the units energy efficient, so that the building will use about half of the utility consumption the average complex would.
For the time being, Michael's Fence donated a safety fence to keep people safe from the construction work and also to keep the property safe.
The name of the new apartments began as a reference to KC and the Sunshine Band and it just stuck, Grimshaw said.