Midwest School Evacuated

An evacuation at Midwest School took place because of a very small fire that occurred due to some kind of chemical reaction that students were working with this morning. 

The incident occurred in an 11th grade chemistry class. 

Students were evacuated immediately around 9 a.m. 

Fire and EMS units arrived about 15 minutes later and secured the school. 

Midwest is kindergarten through 12th grade with about 193 students. 

All students and faculty were evacuated to the town hall and a church nearby. 

Parents were informed to pick up their kids or the kids were able to walk home. 

A male student was taken to Wyoming Medical Center with burns to his arms and hands. 

His condition is unknown at this time. 

Some EMS officials checked vitals of other kids and faculty to make sure they were ok. 

Only the one reported injury at this time. 

There was minimal damage to the classroom. 

Reportedly only a ceiling tile was slightly burned. 

Classes were dismissed for the day and the school is secure. 

Classes will resume tomorrow as scheduled.