WYDOT Construction Plans North of Riverton

 Victoria Fregoso reports, vfregoso@k2tv.com 

 Construction season is in full swing through out the state and a project north of Riverton will have drivers slowing down over the next few months.

Drivers should allow more travel time when going between Riverton and Shoshoni this summer. A road project is underway that will eventually ease up traffic.

"There is a lot of left turn traffic coming off of the highway right now and you have to stop in the driving lane while cars are coming up behind you. Kind of dangerous some times, but with the 5 lanes, we'll have a designated turn lane that should help out a lot," said Robert Scheidemantel of WYDOT.  

Construction began a month ago and even though the project is expected to wrap up in June of 2012, WYDOT expects to have most of the work done by August of this year.

"All the excavation and hopefully all of the paving. We should be all the way up through the top lift of paving and possibly the wearing course," Scheidemantel says.

Right now, you can expect speed limits reduced down to 45 miles per hour. The contractors have agreed to the smallest amout of delays as possible by allowing two way traffic through out the whole project.

"But other than that, minimal delays. If you are stopped at a flagger, you shouldn't expect more than one haul truck crossing the road. Then traffic should resume immediately."

There can be any where from 10 to 20 workers on the sides of the road during the project. Drivers are asked to keep their safety in mind.

"Just drive careful, be cognisant of construction workers and slow down when needed."