Substance Sickens Students at Cheyenne School

by Jeff Schuman, 
Two dozen students at Afflerbach Elementary in Cheyenne were sickened Thursday after ingesting an unknown substance.
Medical crews responded to the school after students reported having upset stomachs and similar symptoms. However, no students were hospitalized.
School officials discovered that one student had brought an unknown "red liquid" in a vial to school. It is believed that the students put a drop of the liquid on their tongues.
Gerry Luce of the Laramie County Sheriff's department says the substance is probably a "high concentrate flavoring agent" that is used for making candy. The substance was taken to the state crime lab for further investigation, and initial results show no signs of controlled substances or poisons.
All but one of the students returned to school Friday, and the student that stayed home is in good condition.