Debate Over New School Schedule in Lander

 Victoria Fregoso reports, 

 A new schedule for one school district in Fremont County is causing debate between parents, students and faculty. The new schedule would limit elective classes like art and music to only two days a week.

Students applauded as Fremont County School District One board members announced they are going to revisit the new middle school schedule.
The schedule for the up and coming middle school took a year to create.
It was designed to allow more time for core classes. But in return, elective classes would be reduced down to only two days a week.

"The board prioritized by asking for a schedule that increased time in language arts and math. And impacted as little as possible, physical education, music and the arts," said John Schumacher, Chairman of the Fremont County School District One Board.

Students believe school wouldn't be the same with a reduction in elective classes.

"We need more of those classes because it helps and that's one of the reasons kids come to school. Because the teachers and our electives," Kayla Wright, a student in Fremont County School District One said. 

Currently, students spend five days a week in elective classes, making the arts a big part of their lives.

"We love our school and we love the music we play. Our festival is coming and I'm so excited to go. But if they change it for the next year, it's sad," says Crysta White, a choir student.

These young people are also concerned about losing skills they can apply to their future.

"The electives like going to art or music or wood shop, it gives our brains a break and it gives us skills that we could use for the future. Like for wood shop we could go into construction or could be a carpenter. And if we don't have that, how are we going to be good in that field?" said Nathan Thayer, a former band student.

The school board will review the schedule at Tuesday night's meeting at the Bob Carey Field House.
The meeting will begin at 5 p.m with one hour for public comment.