World Changers in Casper

For 160 teens, this summer is about making a difference.
Courtney, Trevor and Sam of "World Changers" stopped by GMW to talk about their influence in our own backyard.
These "World Changers" made a decision to pay money out of their own pockets in order to help improve living conditions of people across the United States and Canada. 160 students from across the nation are in Casper working on a variety of assignments that range from painting houses to putting new roofs on homes. 

This summer, 90 World Changers projects will take place in more than 85 cities from Alaska to Florida, New York to California, and many places in between. 

In its 22nd summer of operation, World Changers assists cities across North America to alleviate substandard housing.
Following a six-session “how-to” study that participants complete prior to coming, students serving in Casper will hit the ground running. The students will be staying at Centennial Middle School for the week. This initiative is in partnership with the City of Casper and both the Old Faithful and
Powder River Baptist Associations and other local businesses.