Man Charged with Attempted Murder

Submitted By: Liz Cooper,   

A man is charged with attempted second degree murder for allegedly stabbing another man in the head yesterday afternoon. 

It happened around 2pm in Morad Park, when Robert Boyles allegedly attacked another male with a knife and a Hatchet. 

According to police documents, Broyles argued and fought with the man over a female witness, who is claimed to be Broyles wife. 

Broyles then allegedly stabbed the man multiple times and at the time the man said, "I was trying to survive at that point." 

The man was taken to the Wyoming Medical Center and underwent immediate surgery. 

Officials say the knife blade penetrated his skull, just missing his brain. 

Broyles appeared in court Thursday afternoon with visible injuries, his eye nearly swollen shut. 

Broyles claimed the weapons were not his and said by looking at his face, anyone could tell he was the victim in this incident. 

He also continued, asking how to press charges against the other man involved. 

The woman who witnessed the attack was present in the courtroom as Broyles' bond was set at $100,000. 

The judge also ordered for him to not have any contact with that woman or the man involved in the incidents.