Reaction to the Passing of Neil McMurry

Casper entrepeneur Neil McMurry died this morning at the age of 88.  McMurry was the patriarch of one of Wyoming's most influential families. 

Representatives of Wyoming react to his passing:

Bruce Hinchey, President, Petroleum Association of Wyoming-

    "Neil McMurry was a good friend, businessman, entrepreneur, oilman, and philanthropist who will be missed by all. His life touched many people including those who never knew him through his charitable contributions but also his numerous friends in business dealings. He came from the old school of business where a man’s word and handshake was all it took to get a deal done which is uncommon in these days of contracts, attorneys and lawsuits. He was known for always being honest and fair and expected the same from you, he talked the talk and walked the walk in life. He exemplified the independent spirit of Wyoming’s people in every way. That spirit was played out with McMurry Oil Company in pioneering the development of the Jonah field with his partners Mick McMurry and John Martin. This venture has become one of the largest natural gas fields in this country and the world. His contributions to Wyoming, UW, Casper College, Sublette and Natrona County, Casper as well as many charitable organizations are too numerous to mention. His legacy will continue to live on through his many businesses, contributions, children and grandchildren.He will be missed, and I will miss his friendship and smile."

Sen. John Barrasso (R) WY-

    "Neil McMurry had a profound and positive influence on the quality of life of the people of Casper and Wyoming.  He was a successful entrepreneur, a committed citizen and a good friend. Bobbi and I will miss Neil and offer our deepest sympathies to his entire family.”

Sen. Mike Enzi (R) WY-

    “Neil’s life and his service to the community of Casper and the State of Wyoming will inspire countless generations to come as to what is possible for them to achieve. There are few people who embody the meaning of the words “Made in Wyoming” quite like he did.” 

Ashley Bright, CPO, Boys and Girls Club of Central Wyoming-

    "We were deeply saddened to hear of Neil McMurry’s passing away. We were fortunate to have him serve our great community, state and nation.  Mr. McMurry was a tremendous role model and an example for all young people.   His foresight, generosity and philanthropy have directly benefited thousands of people.   This is a sad day for the Boys & Girls Club organization. Our heartfelt thoughts and prayers go out to the McMurry family and his many friends who will mourn this loss.  On August 7th we will celebrate his life with family, friends, and community at the Boys & Girls Club’s Recognition Breakfast."