Back to School "Fresh Ideas"

The kiddos are back to school, and that means falling back into the routine of making lunches. Dan Hittle from Albertsons came by GMW to show us a few fresh ideas for making an everyday meal “kid” memorable. For anyone who has made school lunches for kids, you know that quite easily, it can evolve into a monotonous task. Here are a few recipes that will make the process fun because it’s anything but ordinary. More importantly, you’ll have a hard time not eating these meals before they’re packed.

Personal Pepperoni Muffin Pizzas: Here’s an easy and different take on the traditional pizza. Keep in mind that you’re always limited to what you can fit inside the paper bag or lunch box. With these mini pizzas, you’ll have plenty of room to add your favorite side dishes, and STILL have room to put in a little hand written note to brighten your child’s day.
1 package of Pillsbury refrigerated pizza dough (called Pizza Crust)
1 jar of your favorite pizza sauce
2 Cups of shredded cheese
1 package of pre-sliced pepperoni
Crisco or nonstick cooking spray
Preheat the oven to 425 degrees Grease the cupcake pan with Crisco or a nonstick cooking spray Separate the dough into 6 even portions Press each portion of dough into a greased cupcake or muffin pan, and mold it so that the dough covers the bottom and most of the sides around the muffin tin Cover the dough with Pizza sauce, pepperoni, and cheese (in that order) Cook in the preheated oven for 10-15 minutes, until dough is cooked through and golden brown.

Sandwich Skewers: Sandwiches can get boring for kids to eat day after day for lunch. Take the same ingredients, and change the presentation to make eating a sandwich fun for your kid. With almost unlimited ingredient choices and combinations, you can be sure that they will never again be bored with an ordinary sandwich for lunch.
2 slices of whole wheat bread, sliced thick ¼ lb.
Cheese (cut with a cookie cutter into your favorite shapes)
1-2 leafs of lettuce
1 tomato, cut into bite size chunks
2-3 slices of deli turkey and ham 1 package of skewers (use long skewers, like the ones used for grilling kabobs)
Using cookie cutters, cut the bread and cheese into a variety of different shapes Skewer one bread shape onto the end of the skewer In any order: skewer a chunk of lettuce, tomato, cheese and meat onto the skewer Skewer one more piece of bread to complete the “sandwich” Wrap in plastic or place in a large ziplock bag to keep fresh until your child’s lunch hour.