More Horse Tails Stolen in Natrona County

Natrona County authorities say more horse tails have been cut off and stolen. A total of 15 reported incidents in the county have occurred, including 12 that were reported in the last 24-hours. 
Authorities say they believe the suspect owns a white van with many windows. The suspect is believed to have some knowledge of the animals, since the hair has been cut without causing harm to the horses. Horse owners also note that the suspect has been able to cut the hair while keeping the animals calm.
The rash of horse tail and mane thefts began more than a week ago in Converse County, and last week spread to Natrona county. The sheriff's offices in both counties are working to solve the cases, but so far there have not been any arrests. 
Horse tail theft is a misdemeanor, unless the value of the hair stolen is more than $1,000.

One horse that had its tail cut off at an animal motel in Natrona County.