Trophy Wolf Hunt Begins

by K2 News Desk, 
More than 2,000 licenses have been sold for Wyoming's first ever trophy wolf hunting season that began Monday morning. However, under the hunting regulations, only 52 wolves are allowed to be taken in the Northwestern part of the state. 
Any hunter bagging a wolf must call Game and Fish within 24 hours of the kill, so authorities can keep track of the exact number. The season will continue until the quota of 52 wolves is reached, or December 31st, whichever comes first. 
Meanwhile, wolves outside the trophy area can be shot on site as predators without a hunting license. Any person killing a wolf will still be required to report the kill to authorities. 
The US Fish and Wildlife service estimates there are between 220 and 230 wolves in the state. 
Last year, Governor Mead and Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar finally hammered out a deal to turn wolf management over to the state. Given the years of debate over the issue, Mead says he is not surprised at the public response to the hunt. "I think people were frustrated. Nothing was getting done," says the Governor over the former wolf debacle. "We're hopeful this plan withstands the court system. It's an honest attempt to try to move forward for the state. The response has been good...I think people are supportive of [the plan]." 
A similar hunt in Montana in 2009, netted 72 wolves, when the state quota was 75.