Man Found Dead, Pinned Under Truck in Riverton

by Taylor Viydo, 
Police in Riverton are investigating why a man ended up pinned underneath a truck in the parking lot of the Ceder Bar late Thursday night. 
Chief Mike Broadhead says it isn't clear why the 21-year-old man was under the truck in the bar's parking lot in the first place. Broadhead says the man was already underneath the truck before the vehicle's driver entered the car. He says the initial investigation has found that the driver didn't see the man underneath his vehicle when he got into the truck. The driver then backed out, rolling over and pinning the man. 
The man was found dead when authorities arrived on scene. It's not clear whether the man was dead before or after being pinned underneath the truck. An autopsy was scheduled for Saturday. 
Broadhead says the driver of the truck was questioned and then given a blood-test. The driver was not taken into custody. The results of the blood test were not immediately available.
The accident remains under investigation.