Court Documents Released in Clapp Case

Submitted By: Liz Cooper, 

A former Casper mayor and state legislator was charged last week with two felony counts of possession of child pornography. 

And after a week since Larry Clapp's initial appearance in court, an affidavit and official paperwork has been released. 

Those documents are only accessible because the Casper Star Tribune filed a lawsuit against the Natrona County Circuit Court for withholding Clapp's official documents. 

Larry Clapp was arrested on October 3rd for two felony counts of possessing child pornography. 

After months of investigation, authorities traced multiple files of suspected child pornography to his home computer. 

When police entered Clapp's home in south Casper, they found evidence of files with names related to child pornography opened on his computer. 

Those files were linked to an external hard drive, where authorities discovered more than 100 movie files with names that appeared to be child pornography related. 

According to court documents, police asked Clapp how long he had been doing this. 

Clapp responded, "You have the computer." 

During Clapp's initial appearance in court last week, his lawyers waived to have his charges read in court. 

Typically, a preliminary hearing is scheduled within 10 days of a first appearance in court. 

But it is possible Clapp waived that hearing and will just move to district court. 

Lastly, because the documents were released, the Casper Star Tribune said in Thursday's edition, it plans to drop the lawsuit.