Companies Donate $120,000 to Fremont Co. Libraries

 Victoria Fregoso reports, 

 The Fremont County Library Foundation is closer to their goal of raising over $500,000 thanks to some generous donations.

"When you open a book, you open a mind. When you open a library, you open many minds. When you sustain a library, you sustain a community."

That is how Governor Matt Mead describes the importance of libraries in Fremont County.
The Fremont County Library Foundation is closer to completing the challenge of raising $556,000 by 2013. It was a challenge set out by the state legislature in 2008.

"For every dollar that we raise, the legislature matches it. And we are now very close to $300,000 in pledges and donations so we need to get up about $250,000 more," said Carol Chidsey, the Director of Development for the Fremont County Library Foundation.

Every dollar raised will not go towards daily operation costs, but it will go towards special programs.
Uranium company Cameco donated $50,000. They request it goes towards programs for children on the Wind River Reservation.

"We consider it an investment. We plan on being in business here for quite some time and the folks that learn here will hopefully be some of the folks that work for us," said Paul Goranson, the President of Cameco Resources.

Encana Oil and Gas recognizes the importance of libraries to youth, which is why they also contributed $50,000.

"It gives the kids something to do, it gives them a way to come into town and into the library and do things they couldn't do with out them," said John Schmidt, a Field Leader for Encana.

Children showed the two companies, along with Noble Energy who made a donation of $20,000, their appreciation.

"It was a lot of fun to see the enthusiasm and we did get to take a tour of the facility its self and what a handsome library," said Bob Ovitz, a Business Unit Manager for Noble Energy. "It's certainly serving the kids but some of us bigger kids too."

And to encourage more donations, the 3 library branches in Fremont County have a donor tree, where companies and people who donate $500 or more will be recognized for years to come.