"Threat of Violence" Made at NCHS

by K2 News Desk, info@k2tv.com 
A Halloween-day "threat of violence" has been made to Natrona County High School. 
On Monday, officials stressed that the threat was being taken very seriously and that NCHS will be the safest school in the state on October 31st. 
Few details about the apparent threat were available Monday, but Police Chief Chris Walsh says Police at some point received a written threat specifically addressed to the high school. The extent of the threat is unknown, but such actions are considered "felony terroristic threats" and can carry a maximum sentence of three years in prison. 
While both Police and school officials say the school will be safe on Halloween, NCHS students can remain at home if they wish. "We always give parents that opportunity to make a decision like that on their own," said Superintendent Joel Dvorak. "If it is your child, you can make the call as to whether or not you want your child to attend school that day." Dvorak added that the district would not be having school if there was a threat deemed to be unmanageable.  
NCHS Principal Dean Kelly added that both he and his son will be at school on Wednesday. School officials decided not to allow students to wear costumes due to safety reasons. 
If parents decide to remove their children from school on Wednesday, contact the attendance office as normal at (307)-253-5222.