CASA: Luggage Drive

Chandra Wyman, the Executive Director of CASA in Natrona County, joined Ali on GMW to talk about gathering luggage and bags for kids in foster care.  
She explains that most foster children, when being moved from temporary home to temporary home have all their personal belongings thrown into a garbage bag or grocery bags and moved to their next placement.

CASA is partnering with KW High School, QudobaPartner up with Kelly Walsh High School, Qdoba and Halliburton on this project!
Kelly Walsh High School is gathering luggage as well as putting together fleece blankets for all the luggage. KW students need donations of fleece or money to buy the materials.

Wyman says if you want to donate luggage, fleece or money to the project, the drop off location is at Casper Family Connections. Donations will be accepted Saturday November 10th.
And a perk other than the warm and fuzzies of donating to these children, Qudoba is donating chips/salsa and chips/queso gift cards to all who bring in luggage.