Senator Barrasso Discusses Gridlock in Congress

by Taylor Viydo, 
On Tuesday night, Senator John Barrasso was re-elected to the US Senate, winning his first full 6-year term in Congress. 
At an election night viewing party in Casper, Barrasso said he was "very grateful for all the encouragement, the support, and votes" of the people of Wyoming. Barrasso was first appointed to Congress in 2007 following the death of Senator Craig L. Thomas, and won a special election in 2008 to fill the remaining four years of Thomas' term. 
However, the re-election celebration will be short lived for Senator Barrasso. On Monday, he'll return to Washington DC to resume his duties with voting set for Tuesday. Facing Barrasso, his colleagues, and the President is the need to strike a deal to cut the national deficit. On January 1st, the nation would arrive at the so-called fiscal cliff: a mix of tax increases totalling nearly $7 trillion and defense spending cuts set to kick in. Some analysts say failure to cut a deficit deal could plunge the economy back into a recession and hike taxes for virtually every American family. 
The time for bipartisanship in Washington could not be greater. However, such is easier said than done. Following the election, the make-up of Congress remained fairly unchanged with Democrats retaining control of the Senate and Republicans the House.

When asked if it was time to start reaching across the aisle, Senator Barrasso stressed the need for "solutions." "We have huge challenges ahead," said Barrasso during a live interview on K2. "We have to get to solutions that actually address the fundamental problems we have in this country." 
Barrasso went on to say that compromising may be an option to ending the gridlock in Congress. "People need to work together, find areas of common ground, things we agree with," said the Senator. "People agree, certainly all around Wyoming, that we are spending too much, borrowing too much, and that the government is growing every day." 
The full interview with Senator Barrasso can be viewed below: