Wyoming Jobless Rate Continues to Drop

by K2 News Desk, info@k2tv.com 
Wyoming's unemployment rate fell or stayed the same in 17 of the state's 23 counties during October. In the last year alone, the rate went down in every county except Sublette County which stayed at 2.9%. That's the lowest rate in the state. 
In Natrona County, the rate fell 2-tenths of a percent, to 4.1%. Laramie County's number dropped from 5.2% to 5.1%. Fremont county's rate remains higher at 5.5%, but that was also a drop of one-tenth of one percent. 
The statewide jobless rate is 5.2%, which is down from 5.4% in September. That compares to the national rate of 7.9%.