Karla Lee - Glenrock Intermediate Middle School

by Taylor Viydo 
"If you guys had Mrs. Lee as a teacher, you'd love coming to class everyday," says Glenrock 5th grader Kyle Gibb. Ask any of his classmates about Mrs. Lee, and they would probably say the same thing. "She's nice and polite. And if you bump her, she'll say sorry," said Larissa Care, a classmate of Kyle's. 
For the past 23 years, Karla Lee has been the health and family consumer science teacher and Glenrock Intermediate Middle School. "I landed my first job here, and been here ever since," says the veteran instructor. "I'm so glad I am here, because it's a wonderful school system." 
Her job is an important one: making sure her students live longer and healthier lives. "They're practical life skills and decisions that our students have to make everyday. And to build on their knowledge to help them physically, socially, mentally, and emotionally," said Lee. 
On an average day, Mrs. Lee can be seen leading her class in role-playing exercises that emphasize the dangers of drugs and tobacco. While it's serious business, Lee's students say their health teacher is able to make it enjoyable. "She makes it fun, where kids actually want to do it and not just sit there," says 5th grader Katelyn Cathcart. "It's just so fun, I love coming [to class] and I look forward to it everyday," adds classmate Kyle. 
"A student will turn to me and say, 'Mrs. Lee, I understand this now. I can make a better choice for myself and have a healthier and longer lifestyle,'" says Lee. "I hope that I can enlighten them and listen to them and be concerned about what they have." 
In addition to teaching, Lee has also coached volleyball, track, and served as an adviser for the service group Family Career and Community Leaders of America. 
Like so many other passionate teachers, Mrs. Lee says she's in education for the students themselves. "I love being here with the students. They are just phenomenal in their thoughts and the many challenges they have every day," says Lee. 

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