Three Killed in Casper Attacks

by K2 News Desk, 
Authorities say a man killed a woman on the 3700 block of Hawthorne Ave. before heading to Casper College and killing a male faculty member and himself in a classroom.  
Just after 9 a.m., Police received calls of a traumatic injury at Casper College. Responding officers found 2 bodies in a classroom on the third floor of the Wold Physical Science Center. Students and staff in the building were evacuated and the Casper College campus was put on lock down. 
Police say the attack at Casper College occurred while class was in session.
All other public schools in Casper were placed on lock down as a precaution, but those restrictions were later lifted.
Minutes after the initial call, Police received another call of a traumatic injury on on Hawthorne, where a woman was later found dead. Investigators have reason to believe she was killed before the attack at Casper College.
"What we can find is that the individual that committed the violent acts was not a student at the College, but that there was a known relationship between [the victims]," said Casper Police Chief Chris Walsh at a press conference on Friday afternoon. The Police Chief later clarified that all three had known each other.
Police say the killer was not a current student at Casper College. Walsh could not confirm that the suspect was a former student, either.  Walsh added that there were no records that could have tipped off authorities to any kind of threat.
Walsh said no firearms were used during the homicides, and rather said that "edged weapons" were involved. However, multiple students told K2 News that some kind of a bow-and-arrow weapon was used. 
Walsh later emphasized that following the attacks no suspects were at large and there no threats of random violence.

"It's a troubling day - this is a day you hope never comes into your community," said Walsh. "No one is ever actually ready for this to hit home."
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A male suspect killed a man on the third floor of the Wold Science Building before killing himself.