Student Allegedly Brings Gun to Kelly Walsh

by K2 News Desk, 
School officials and police acted quickly Thursday morning, when students reported that a fellow student had brought a gun to school. 
A faculty member was alerted about 7:45 Thursday morning. Kelly Walsh Principal Brad Diller tells K2 News the entire situation was over within five minutes. 
The suspected student was located and a search of his backpack revealed the handgun. The student's locker was then searched, but no other weapons were found. 
Casper Police took the student into custody for questioning, but no formal arrest was made. 
Police have no reason to believe any other students were involved and no threats were made. 
The student now faces possible expulsion from Kelly Walsh for up to a year for allegedly bringing the gun to school. 
Meanwhile, school officials are also investigating an unspecific bomb threat that was found written on a bathroom mirror at Centennial Junior High on Thursday. However, police have determined that threat was a hoax. 
Extra police officers have been assigned to Natrona County schools this week because of the Connecticut school tragedy.