Charges Filed in Pancho's Incident

by Liz Cooper, 
A man faces aggravated assault charges after allegedly entering a Casper fast-food restaurant with a pistol in hand.

On December 2nd, police responded to a weapons offense call on at Pancho's Mexican Restaurant on Casper's west side. 
According to police documents, Joseph Sterkel was bothering three females inside the restaurant and was asked by several witnesses to leave. Sterkel and another suspect then allegedly reappeared outside a truck wearing camouflage vests and holding pistols. 
Police say Sterkel then entered the restaurant with a pistol. 
Sterkel was not arrested on the evening of the ponchos incident. 
After running the plates on the Sterkel's vehicle, police issued a search warrant. Police say a following search uncovered over 20 firearms and a bulletproof vest inside Sterkel's residence. Police also say they found an AK-47 assault rifle that Sterkel allegedly smuggled into the US after returning from active duty in the military. 
Sterkel faces three counts of aggravated assault.

Joseph Sterkel