Halloween Shooter Case Moves Forward

by Liz Cooper, lcooper@k2tv.com 
A Casper man is accused of shooting one person at a Halloween party on the 1100 block of South Jackson street. 
19-year-old Nicholas Frederick is charged with two counts of aggravated assault, and faces up to ten years in prison. 
A circuit court judge ruled Thursday morning that Frederick's case has enough probable cause to move to district court. 
Court documents say on October 28th, Frederick and 19-year-old girlfriend Kelly Smith went to a Halloween party, where Frederick allegedly shot one person. The victim stated the bullet Frederick shot barely grazed his head and he refused medical attention on the scene. 
Frederick allegedly fired his weapon at least four more times while fleeing in a vehicle, according to witnesses. 
A Casper detective testified in court Thursday morning that when Frederick was in custody, he told deputies "I didn't kill anyone, I just tried to." The defense argued that the statement was never recorded and could not be proven. 
Frederick will now await his arraignment in the coming weeks in district court.

Nicholas Frederick in Court on Thursday