Two Men Still Missing In Grand Teton National Park

Searchers in Grand Teton National Park are looking for two skiers, who were last heard Saturday afternoon. 

The two men were reported missing, when one of them failed to show up for work yesterday. 

Teams began searching by ground today after a search by helicopter last night but there's been no sight of evidence so far. Officials say the two gentlemen, 30-year-old Walker Kuhl from Salt Lake City and 31-year-old Gregory Seftick from Montana, were visiting the area of the Grand Teton National Park called the Garnet Canyon. 

During the initial search for them, officials saw signs of avalanches in the canyon.  Since then they've sent helicopters, 16 searchers, and 2 dog teams. 

Park authorities say weather has made their hunt difficult, as snow and wind has wiped away all evidence. 

Searchers will continue early tomorrow.  Park officials are asking the public to please call park dispatch at (307) 739 3300 if you think you've seen these men in the area.