Casper Standoff Suspect Gets 12 Years in Prison

by Liz Cooper, 
The man accused of holding four people hostage at a Casper motel last summer will spend up to 12 years in prison. 
In October, Jacob Dziewic pleaded guilty to possession of a deadly weapon and four counts to holding a person against their will. 
In a plea agreement with the district attorney, Dziewic's sentences will run concurrently. The maximum sentence on each of the four charges of holding a person against their will is five years, but because a semi automatic pistol was involved, Dziewic received six to twelve years for each of the charges. 
Dziewic was also sentenced up to five years in prison for possession of a deadly weapon, which the district attorney argued was in fact stolen. 
Dziewic  is one of the people involved in the 11-hour standoff that occurred on August 21st. Another man that was involved, 20 year old Joseph Geelan, took his own life during the hostage situation. According to court documents, Geelan and Dziewic left the four friends in the motel room and came back with drugs. One hostage said the two then became "strung out" and would not let anyone leave the room. 
During Dziewic 's sentencing Friday afternoon, his adopted mother said "Im not asking for leniency, I'm asking mercy." Dziewic 's public defender also argued that no shots were fired by his client during the standoff, but instead used a firecracker. 
Boot-camp was highly recommended by Dziewic 's attorney but Judge Parks denied the motion. 
At the end of sentencing, Dziewic 's mother asked to hug her son, but the bailiff denied her request because contact with the criminal is not allowed.

Jacob Dziewic in Court in August.