Suspect Arrested in OK Following Casper Threat

by K2 News Desk, 
Federal agents in Oklahoma have arrested a suspect believed to be responsible for an online threat of violence made against Casper. 
In a press release, Police said that it is believed the suspect had no ties to Wyoming and that the threat was randomly directed towards Casper. Police say they feel confident that the threat has been handled.
The Casper area was on edge Monday morning, following the threat made on a blog. The anonymous post talked about using non-traditional weapons such as kitchen knives, and baseball bats to carry out the violence. The post referenced guns as well. 
The Casper Police Department notified surrounding agencies, and took the blog post down. A second one was also posted, and as of Monday afternoon Police were working to identify the author. 
Following the blog post, Natrona County School District placed schools on a level 2 lock down. That lock down was lifted late Monday morning. 
Police say no schools or any other specific targets were mentioned in the blog, only Casper as a whole.

"We just want people to be aware of what is going on," said Sgt. Amend of Casper Police. "This is a threat that we saw. We don't know if it is a serious threat - somebody thinking that this is a cleaver act. But we do take these things seriously. We do want people to be aware of suspicious activity [in Casper]."

For questions or concerns about the incident, you can call Casper Police at 325-6612 specifically for this incident.