New Crude-to-Rail Facility Announced

by Taylor Viydo, 
As first reported by K2 News on Tuesday night, a new crude-to-rail loading facility is coming to Natrona County. Granite Peak Development announced plans to build the terminal along with Houston-based Cogent Energy Solutions. 
The terminal, which would be able to load approximately 142,000 barrels of oil a day, will be built North of the Casper-Natrona County international airport along an existing logistics hub already owned by Granite Peak. The facility will also be able to store an initial capacity of 900,000 barrels of crude with the option of expanding capacity to 3 million barrels. 
"Casper has always been an oil and gas type of community, and it has been good to the state of Wyoming and good to Casper," said Granite Peak Chief Operating Officer Dan Guerttman of the project. Granite Peak and Cogent Energy first began planning the crude-to-rail facility around 9 months ago. 
Given Casper's proximity to pipelines carrying crude from neighboring states and Canada, Guerttman says the location is the perfect place for new terminal. "Once you put crude on a rail car, you can move it to any refinery anywhere in the United States. As opposed to a pipeline that goes to one specific location."
"We're really excited about [the facility]," added Cogent President Randy Balhorn. "We think that it is something that is good for producers and something that is valuable to the market."
Guerttman says the loading facility would initially bring 40 new jobs to Casper. Operations will consist of two shifts, each made up of 20 employees, loading unit trains. "If production is such that we could do four shifts, then you're looking at 80 employees," he said. Guerttman added that such production would likely equate to an around-the-clock operation. 
The new facility will load multiple types of crude and will provide blending onsite. 
Construction is set to begin in April and is expected to be finished by October.