Wyoming Gas Prices Skyrocket

by K2 News Desk, info@k2tv.com 
Gas prices in Casper and across Wyoming, have skyrocketed over the last week. 
AAA says the average price of regular gas in the Oil City has risen from $2.71 a week ago, to $2.88 Monday morning, marking a whopping 17-cent increase. 
Average prices have gone up even more in Cheyenne, where the increase was 20 cents a gallon. The average in the Capital City is now $2.98 a gallon. 
The statewide average is again over $3 a gallon, which it is still the cheapest in the country. AAA says the overall wyoming number is now $3.05, which is 11-cents higher than a week ago. 
Two states now have average prices over $4 a gallon. Hawaii's average is $4.24 a gallon followed by california at $4.05.