Casper Gas Prices Skyrocket

by K2 News Desk, 
AAA says the average price of regular gas in Casper is again above $3 a gallon. That average has jumped a whopping 15-cents in the last week, and a total of 45-cents in the last month. 
The auto club says Casper's average is now $3.03 a gallon, though a few stations are still selling gas for as low as $2.96. 
The average in Cheyenne is $3.12, which is up 14-cents a gallon in the last week. 
The Wyoming average is up nearly 13-cents, and is still the lowest in the nation. That average is now just over $3.17 a gallon, with Montana just one-tenth of a cent higher. 
The national average price of regular gas has skyrocketed to $3.73 a gallon.