Final Yellowstone Winter Use Plan Released

by K2 News Desk, 
The Park Service on Friday morning issued its final winter use plan recommendation for Yellowstone National Park. 
The plan has been years in the making and takes a different direction than earlier plans which set exact numbers for individual snowmobiles.
The new recommendation focuses on what are called "transportation events". Those events are defined as a commercially guided group of seven snowmobiles or one individual snow coach. A total of 110 such events would be allowed into the park on a daily basis. However, the number of snowmobile events would be limited to 50 per day. That translates to a maximum number of 350 guided snowmobiles a day. 
In addition, one non-guided private group of five snowmobiles would be allowed to enter Yellowstone each day, through each of the park entrances. The east entrance over Sylvan Pass would remain open to snowmobiles and snow coaches. 
Governor Mead applauded the final plan, calling it a step forward for the state. “Snowmobiling in Yellowstone was an experience I enjoyed growing up in Wyoming and it created a special bond with the Park for me," the Governor said in a press release. "I think that allowing non-commercial guided access will generate lasting memories of Yellowstone for generations to come.”

The new plan would go into effect in the winter of 2014-2015 if it is approved by the regional Park Service director. In the meantime, the current plan that allows 318-guided snowmobiles into the park each day, will remain in effect next winter.