Inga McCoy - Kelly Walsh High School

by Taylor Viydo, 
Inga McCoy isn't your standard teacher that just teaches one standard subject. 
"I majored in history in college, and they recommended because I will not coach football or wrestling that I do Spanish [as well]," says the Kelly Walsh teacher. After getting a degree in history and minors in Spanish and French from the University of Wyoming, McCoy is now a full time faculty member at KW. 
As a history teacher, McCoy makes the past come alive. "[History] is the humanitarian in me that likes to tell other people's stories," she says. 
McCoy also helps her students explore the present. "I just think learning a foreign language enhances your cultural awareness of other people in the world." 
Ask any of McCoy's students from either her Spanish or history classes and you'll get similar answers. "She's so encouraging. She always helps you with whatever you need," says KW senior Rachel Fritzler. "She's always willing to be there." 
"She has such a great relationship with all the students. She really cares about how we do in class," adds sophomore Emily Reish.
McCoy cares about her students so much, she's always just a few clicks of a keypad away. "If you need help, you can always come to her. She even lets you text her if you have a problem," says sophomore Desi Ketterling. 
For the Spanish and history teacher, that student-teacher relationship is especially important. "Their energy level, their thirst for knowledge, and their questions and personal relationships that you build with them throughout the years...that makes this job worthwhile," says McCoy.

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