Glendo Expected to Flood Again

Jeff Schuman reports,

High snow pack levels has officials predicting flooding in Glendo state park again this summer.

Last summer water levels soared above many of Glendo's park facilities creating a great deal of damage and debris.

"What it is is a lot of impact to the businesses, to us. It was a little over $1 million in damage that we had to try to fix," state park administrator Domenic Bravo said.

Despite the high waters, Bravo says no visitors were denied entry last year and many reported some of the best fishing and boating they have ever experienced at Glendo. But there is cause for concern yet again this summer.

"We do see some of the areas in Glendo being flooded to where they will not be usable."

Predictions from the national weather service show unusually high water through the entire Platte drainage system.

"We're 150-plus snow pack in the North Platte drainag and again everything is saturated with water. So it's kind of a perfect storm for us knowing that we will have some flooding; just to what level exactly is something we keep monitoring."

The one bright side is the head's up, which has allowed the state park's department to plan and prepare.

"We've been able to put in place temporary camp sites, fixing boat docks and boat ramps to ensure that people can still recreate," Bravo said. "So the big thing here is having the advanced notice."

Only time will tell what's in store for the water levels. But Glendo is amping up for what will hopefully be a successful season.