Lotto Bill Signing Culminates Years of Efforts

K2's Cassandra Hager reports,
As first reported on Wednesday, Governor Mead has signed the state lottery bill. The move culminates years of efforts by legislative backers. 
The new bill alllows Wyoming to enter into a multi-state lottery, like Power Ball or Mega Millions, or start a state lottery. The new law, which goes into effect on July 1st, effectively creates a lottery corporation. Governor Mead with then appoint a nine-member board, which will hire a CEO to implement and then manage the new lottery games.
Mead signed the bill recognizing the revenue Wyoming stands to gain from having a lottery. The Governor, however, did say he plans to keep "an eye" on any social impacts from the lottery once it is established.
K2's Cassandra Hager spoke with the bill's excited sponsor.