Confrence Center Plans Abandoned

by K2 News Desk, 
The city of Casper will no longer pursue a conference center in the downtown area. After over a year of discussion and plans for the center, city manger John Patterson says the project has become "unworkable." 
It's been decided to discontinue the pursuit of the center at the corner of David and Old Yellowstone after a majority of city council members were not in support of public funding. Patterson says after a 5-4 vote in council, it became apparent that there was no longer a desire to move forward. 
All pursuits of the property have been suspended and will be put up for sale. 
Patterson says both he and Governor Mead both see a high demand for a conference center in Casper since many conference goers often have to drive hours to either Cheyenne or Laramie for a conference. 
Patterson also says there's no vacant property of sufficient size in downtown, however there is hope for building one elsewhere in the future, if the opportunity approaches.