Eat Right for Easter with Cent$ible Nutrition

Krista Brown from Cent$ible Nutrition joined Ali Bradley and John Shrable on Good Morning Wyoming to share some "Easter safety tips." She says make sure to follow the "2 hour rule" when dealing with food including hard boiled eggs... be sure to tell the Easter bunny to hide the eggs right before the kiddos are ready to hunt, otherwise, Krista says plastic eggs are safest.

Krista gave us some great side dish ideas that will not hurt your waistline or your pocketbooks.
Asparagus roasted with garlic cloves and grape tomatoes topped with a citrus dressing makes a great addition to your table.
Krista says the dressing is lemon and orange juice with some zest, olive oil and salt and pepper.
She roasted the ingredients together at 400 degrees for about 15-20 minutes.

Her cold side dish was a whole grain salad... She used Quinoa, but says you can use brown rice or whole wheat pasta as well.
Throwing in any veggies you like, you top this dish off with the juice from one lemon and olive oil, salt and pepper.

Some great, affordable, healthy options for your Easter dinner.
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