New Trial Granted in Cheyenne Rape Case

by K2 News Desk, 
A new trial has been granted for a Cheyenne man who has spent 23 years in prison on a rape conviction. Andrew Johnson was sentenced to life in prison for the 1989 rape. 
However, a new DNA test has revealed that Johnson was not the source the male DNA taken from the victim after the attack. The DNA instead matches that of her fiance at the time. 
Laramie County District Judge Thomas Campbell ordered the new trial, marking the first time a retrial has ever been granted in Wyoming on the basis of DNA evidence. 
The 63-year-old Johnson remains behind bars but could be released on a $10,000 bond while he waits for his new trial. 
Johnson's family expressed mixed emotions about the judge's ruling, saying they were happy about a new trial, but disappointed that the judge did not dismiss the case. 
District attorney Scott Homar says he still has considerable evidence against Johnson besides the DNA.