Hearing for Amended Smoking Ban Postponed

by Xavier Walton, xwalton@k2tv.com 

The second reading of the amended smoking ban ordinance has been postponed for two weeks. One member of council was unable to attend the May 7th meeting. For that reason Mayor Kenyne Schlager decided to move the second hearing to May 21. 

The vote passed 5-4 in favor of amending the smoking ban ordinance during the first reading. Had the Mayor chosen to have the second reading while one council member was not present the vote would have ended in a tie assuming all council's votes were the same. 

If a vote ends in a tie then that ordinance fails as it did not receive a majority vote. At that point any council member can bring it back to the table, and then the entire process of amending the smoking ban will have gone full circle. 

To avoid further controversy with the issue, the Mayor just chose to wait until all council members were present and accounted for at the next meeting.