Standoff Ends Peacefully

by Xavier Walton,

The standoff between authorities and a 25-year old man who barricaded himself in a home ended peacefully around 11 this morning.

Casper police took the man into custody without incident, and though there was a weapon in the home, the man was not armed when he surrendered.

Shortly after 7:30 a.m. the principal of Verda James elementary school called the Natrona County School District's safety officer after a staff member told him of the situation outside the school.

That situation was initially an alleged domestic dispute between two people.  The girl, who according to police did not receive any injuries, left the home then called the authorities.

It was when the police attempted to remove the suspect from the home when he did not comply, then barricaded himself in a room.
The police were unaware if the suspect was armed, so it was uncertainty that led to four Natrona County schools being put on lock down.

Verda James Elementary School was just around the corner from the standoff, however due to the time of the incident, Natrona County School District was able to alert students and parents before bringing them to school.

The standoff lasted nearly four hours and authorities say no one was injured. Students and staff inside the locked down schools were not in direct danger, authorities took that step as a precaution.