Few DUIs Over Holiday Weekend

by Liz Cooper, lcooper@k2tv.com 
     K2 News Desk, info@k2tv.com 
Authorities across Natrona County only issued 11 driving under the influence citations over Memorial Day weekend. One person also received a boating under the influence citation. 
The city of Casper mainly focused their CARTE operation on the West side of the Casper area towards Alcova. 
Police say the number of DUIs they issued is low compared to previous totals. Authorities also say they didn't issue any seat-belt citations over the weekend.

Mead Not In Favor of New Rules
In a related story, Governor Mead does not seem to be embracing a new federal recommendation to lower the maximum legal blood alcohol level from .08% to .05 percent. 
The Governor says he would prefer to increase penalties for drivers under current law. Mead also says he is willing to study the recommendation from the National Transportation Safety Board. 
Meanwhile, Mike Moser of the Wyoming State Liquor Association says the proposal would criminalize social drinking.