Be Kind to Animals Week

Cassandra Hager reporting,

All this week is 'Be kind to animals' week and the Cheyenne animal shelter helped kick it off in a big way with a celebration honoring all of man's best friends.

The open house included everything from a clown to a preacher on hand to bless the animals; all in hopes of supporting efforts to improve the lives of neglected, stray or orphaned pets across Cheyenne.

Cheyenne mayor Richard Kayson attended the event to share his personal experience of how animals have touched his life.

But as the mayor says, it's not just one week we should be celebrating our furry friends, and that's the real reason for this week's festivities.

"It's not just one week that we should be recognizing our friends, it's every day of every year.  I have a special affinity for animals, as I have shared with many I owe my life to a dog on more than one occasion and so they are our friends, they're part of our families and part of our communities, so that's the basic reason I'm here, because I love animals."