Eye Drop Poisoner Sentenced to Prison

by Liz Cooper, lcooper@k2tv.com 
A woman who poisoned her stepmother with eye drops over several months will spend two to four years in prison. Alexis Jennings will also undergo a psychological evaluation as part of her sentencing.
On Wednesday afternoon, prosecutors argued that Jennings researched, planned out the poisonings over a period of time. The defense argued that she had accepted responsibility of her actions because she admitted to poisoning her step mom multiple times. 
Both Jennings and her lawyer cried during closing arguments. Her lawyer requested three years of probation with prison time suspended, arguing that Jennings has no previous criminal history, graduated from high school with honors, and submitted an application to the Air Force. 
Jennings sneaked about 20 bottles of visine eye drops into her stepmother's drinks over the course of last fall. The stepmother was hospitalized two times as a result of the poisonings.