Wyoming Reacts to Landmark Supreme Court Rulings

by Alexandra Lehnert, alehnert@k2tv.com 
The US Supreme Court on Wednesday morning struck down the national Defense of Marriage Act, meaning that legally married gay couples will be granted the same federal benefits as heterosexual couples. The high court also declined to rule on California's Proposition 8, a voter approved initiative that banned gay marriage. The Court's ruling effectively makes gay marriage legal in California as well.
Neither of the rulings have direct impact on Wyoming, but Casper's gay community is still celebrating them as landmark decisions. 

Matthew Shepard's Family Reacts   
by Xavier Walton, xwalton@k2tv.com

With one of the biggest decisions being made in same-sex marriage history, there is no family happier than that of Matthew Shepard, the young man who was brutally murdered for his sexual orientation in 1998.

The Shepard's who have gone through leaps and bounds to make sure their son's death was not forgotten had an exclusive interview with K2's Xavier Walton this afternoon.