National Guard Ready for Any Retaliation

Jeff Schuman reports,

The Wyoming National Guard is satisfied with Osama Bin Laden's death, but says the Global War on Terror continues.

After nearly 10 years of searching, the man-hunt for one of the most wanted terrorists is over.

"We have been as a nation chasing Bin Laden for a lot of years," Wyoming National Guard Maj. Gen. Luke Reiner said. "And it is with some satisfaction that we, that he has been found."

Over 2,200 men and women have been deployed from Wyoming to fight for the Global War on Terror, and to fight against the man responsible for nearly 3,000 deaths on 9/11.

"It should bring some closure to some of the sacrifices that we as a state and a nation have made."

President Obama says that the world is a far better place following the death of Osama Bin Laden. But in no way, shape or form is the War on Terror over.

"Bin Laden had deputies and the deputies will step up to the plate," Reiner said. "And I would anticipate that while this is a huge success for our nation, that the War on Terror will continue."

Retaliation has been feared across the nation, but General Reiner says the men and women serving this country is ready for whatever is to come.

"It is a privilege for us to serve. And we look forward to continuing to do that for many years to come."