Air Tanker Company Not Relocating to Casper

by K2 News Desk, 
The company that owns the massive DC-10 air tanker that fought wildfires in Wyoming last year, will not be relocating to Casper. 
It was announced earlier this year that 10 Tanker would move it's operations from California to Casper International Airport. 10 Tanker owns two DC-10 aircraft. 
However, this morning the airport said that the tankers will not be staged in Casper year round. Airport manager Glen Januska says he understands that it didn't make much sense for the company to relocate to a cold-weather climate. "We don't need to have the corporate headquarters and the airplanes based here to have them available in case of a fire," said Januska. "We saw that last year. They were here, they utilized the airport three different times, and the corporate headquarters was in California."
10 tanker's president hasn't said where the company will be based, but says it won't continue to be in Victorville, California.