Evidence in Open Murder Case?

By: Liz Cooper, lcooper@k2tv.com

     Court documents bring shocking allegations to Casper's only open murder case. Thomas Lee Miller is accused of killing his wife, Natalie, last march and recently filed evidence provided by the state, could point to a possible motive.
     Monday afternoon in court, a date was set for a hearing, that would determine if all these pages of evidence would be admissible in Miller's trial.
     These documents lay out events immediately surrounding the murder which reflect the relationship of Thomas and Natalie, as well as events reflecting the history between the two of them and miller's violence against other people close to him.
     Court documents show by all accounts, that the marriage between Natalie and Thomas was not a happy one, and evidence provided shows both parties were actively discussing divorce.
     Miller described their relationship as rocky, according to reports and was having an affair at the time of the shooting.
     This newly filed evidence also states, that numerous witnesses said miller had threatened Natalie with a gun in 2012, Miller has denied  that allegation.
     The court documents also allege Thomas Miller of being abusive in past relationships and holding a gun to his ex girlfriend's head.
     But the state claims the key question in the murder of Natalie Miller is intent....was Natalie killed with premeditated malice or in a sudden heat of passion?
According to the state, Miller is expected to claim it was done in a sudden heat of passion.
     The state says as this evidence points out, there was nothing sudden about the events of that night.
     One concerning event, is miller's drinking that evening... documents show miller's blood alcohol content was point one eight.
     Now, all of this listed evidence, will be brought before Judge Wilking on September 12th to determine which of it can or cannot be used in Miller's trial... which is scheduled for October 28th.
     Miller has pleaded not guilty by reason of mental illness to first degree murder charges.