Exclusive NAACP-KKK Hate Forum

by Xavier Walton, xwalton@k2tv.com

History was made in Casper when a member of the United Klans of America met with four members of the NAACP Casper Branch.

K2's Xavier Walton was the only TV Reporter at "the first of it's kind" hate forum.

Here's the story.

"Look out [bleep] the klan is getting bigger. White power!"

Throughout history racial slurs and words of intense hatred have been said and because of it fire symbolic of a secret society has burned for decades.  But after decline through underground works post civil war era, the hooded order has shown signs of resurgence.

"I see hate crimes, but you don't hear about them," Jimmy Simmons, President NAACP Casper Branch said.
Numerous accounts of alleged hate crimes in Wyoming have gone unscathed as Wyoming hate crime laws are non-existent. However, contrary to turning the other cheek, the NAACP Casper Branch chose to address the issue face to face.

"Instead of running them off people in our branch figured maybe we should sit down and see if we can find out what's attracting the klan to those communities," Simmons said.
In may Jimmy started exchanging letters with {a} John Abarr.

"He responded 6-6," Simmons said.

Abarr is an organizer with the United Klans of America out of Montan

"We wanted his input because like i said, if you talk to law enforcement and they aren't willing to take action--appropriate action, who else do we go to," Simmons added.

The camera flashes, they shake hands. "Hello Jimmy, nice to finally meet you," says John Abbar, klan organizer of Montana.

As their hands shook so did the graves of thousands of klansmen across the nation. While Abarr wasn't wearing his traditional hood and robe, his allegiance was made very clear.

"I like it cause you wear the robes, you get out and light crosses and have secret handshakes," said Abbar. "It would take a miracle for me to stop fighting for the white race."
Abarr made some outlandish proposals like seceding northwestern states…something he's been pushing for sometime now

On twitter august 25th--

He said quote, "Get active and move to the northwest aryan homeland and secure existence of the white race and a future."

After moving on from secession they discussed other topics, attempting to stand on common ground. To most of America's surprise they did.

"I have a lot more respect for the NAACP for inviting me here; i just think that's awesome," Abarr said

And then in a stunning turn of events, which no one saw coming, Simmons asks Abarr if he would like to join.

Abbar's response, "I wouldn't have a problem joining the NAACP."