Lawbreakers Caught on Candid Camera

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Xavier Walton,

Each school year there's a story reminding drivers to stop for schools buses when their red lights are flashing. However in some areas parents are saying they've had enough and it's getting out of control.

This week we bring you a story where drivers are caught on candid camera having blatant disregard for the law.

K2's Xavier Walton went down to the bus stop and saw first-hand how unsafe the bus stop is for children.

"The bus driver told me this bus stop wasn't safe for children," said Denell Merryman, a concerned mother.

Drivers caught on candid camera breaking the law by a concerned mother, that mother then posting to Facebook on September 19th, which fueled a fire that's been burning for decades.

"Cars honk at the bus telling it to move," said Merryman.

In the video you see not one but two cars, within a matter of seconds, having blatant disregard for the buses red flashing lights and of course the children's safety.

"There in a rush, there in a hurry, they do it everyday though," said Merryman.

It was that frustration week after week and day after day that forced a mother to take matters into her own hands.

"I seen one parent one day block the other lane of traffic so no other cars could go past," said Merryman.

"It's the times, people are just in too big of a hurry so people just don't pay attention," said Kim Hawks, a Natrona County School District bus driver.  

Nearly two years ago a Crowheart girl was getting off the school bus when she was hit and killed by on-coming traffic.  Granted conditions were undesirable and the driver claimed he couldn't see the bus, her life was still taken because the driver didn't stop.

"But, it's that one time they don't pay attention a child might be struck and killed," said Hawks.

With two drivers having been caught on candid camera right here at this bus stop its become the center of controversy.

"I contacted the bus company and they said on one day they had eight different reports from eight different people for eight different stops," said Merryman.

"Many kids use that because one it is a designated bus stop, obviously, but it has that shelter from all the elements," said Hawks.

Amidst Mrs. Merryman's frustration with law breaking citizens...she posted that video...not hoping to incriminate anyone, which she could, but to raise awareness.

"It's just something you don't want to see happen and i think people need to be more cautious," said Merryman.

Monitoring an on-going issue, I'm Xavier Walton K2 News.

If you witness someone passing a school bus with it's life flashing local official urge you to take down a description of the car, the driver and the bus stop they ran through.

The price for passing a bus while it's red lights are flashing is $750, however you can't put a price to pay on a life